At Acorn we like customers to have a good experience and we try to take time to get the job right. We have included some case studies examples which show how we work for our customers. If you'd like more details please get in touch.

Seal of approval (Shakefield March 2018)

Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. But our aim is to resolve an issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We were asked to survey the windows for failed sealed units (in the absence of house occupants) and replace them at a convenient time. This we did but maybe not surprisingly, we missed three, easily done if you don`t live there!

So, agent initiated, we agreed with landlord and tenant (first meeting) to resolve the issue in a couple of weeks.

This is how we communicated to sort it out

“Good afternoon, it was good to meet you today, and I am so pleased to find (as I thought!) that we had not got things completely wrong..

“So, one unit that I missed will be done free of charge, and three units which were not seen or flagged up will be done for half price. If this is acceptable, please confirm and I shall order the glass and liaise with your tenant over fitting. Once done, I shall send an updated invoice which I hope you can deal with from overseas?”

“Good to meet you too and thanks for the prompt way you are dealing with this matter.

“Yes of course your proposal is fine and I shall set up the payment detail before going overseas so that I only have to ‘push the button’ when necessary.

“Thanks again and I look forward to completion.”

In total we had 21 sealed units to replace and overall the job finally got a seal of approval. And full payment!


case studies, seal of approval

Sash Windows from Acorn, clearly a better choice.

Not only do they look great, as an alternative they cost less and have the added bonus of very low maintenance.

These are an example of some we installed recently.







Cae studies - sash Windows
case studies - sash window from the inside

“A” Rated Upgrade of Windows and Doors

This was a job where uPVC windows fitted over 15 years ago were uneconomic to repair in the most part.

Our customer was undertaking a big programme of renovation of their house.

They decided to upgrade all the windows and doors to ‘A’ Rated state-of-the-art Acorn Windows from Rehau. Clearly their best option; job done!





case studies
case studies